This year we celebrate 30 years Colour Haze!

It was about August 1994 when Tim Höfer, Christian Wiesner and me founded the band - and the album Periscope which, with Mani and Philipp, set the cornerstone to our todays sound also becomes 25 years now.


So many concerts - always with the nicest audience in the world! Thank you! - so much music and great adventures - and we go on! : )


As a first anniversary special, selected CDs are available in our webshop for a special price... Periscope, CO2, Ewige Blumenkraft, the new Los Sounds De Krauts and Colour Haze from the older and She Said, To The Highest Gods We Know, In Her Garden, We Are and Live Vol. 1 from the more recent - all for 6.- Euro (and just 5.- outside EU)


For 2024 a lot of shows are booked. A.o. festivals like Desertfest London, Palp Festival, Sonic Blast, Fusion and Bear Stone to name just a few - a full list of new tourdates will be announced soon.


And to the end of the year on Dec 28th we'll celebrate a little anniversay festivalwith friends - in our old homebase: Feierwerk, Munich...


The remixed In Her Garden is now in vinylcut (I changed from DMM to audiophile halfspeed lacquer cut). As the productiontimes got back to normal it won't be too long until the DLP is finally available again. The downloads already contain the new version (the nice-price CD is the old version)


I think the remix turned out really well and the new version is even more fun to listen too. I have to add though that in mastering I finally left the loudness of the CD-years totally. The new master is as dynamic as masters were in the golden days of vinyl. From digital sources this will sound much lower than what you may be used to - but if you turn up the volume you will hear a much more "open" and "pleasant" sound.

At the moment I'm working on To The Highest Gods We Know....


And of course we always work on new music....



Liebe Grüße & Best Wishes



Stefan Koglek


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