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Colour Haze have been founded in August 1994 in Munich, Germany by Stefan Koglek, Tim Höfer and Christian Wiesner – a first album was already recorded at the end of the year and released in summer 1995, critically acclaimed and resulting in several nationwide shows for the band. Anyway two years of artistically and personal redirection followed until Manfred Merwald and Philipp Rasthofer joined the group in late 1998 and as interim singer Felix Neuenhoff left the band in spring 1999 the band found it's final shape.
From this new start in 1999 on it was Colour Haze very own approach not to follow the mindless, plain hedonistic schemes and roleplays of rock'n roll but to ground their music and their outer action as a band alike in a greater, thoroughly positive, spiritual depth – which may be a cause for the mesmerizing experience and positive empowerment often stated by listeners concerning Colour Haze concerts and records.



A first appearance at the famous German Burg Herzberg Festival in 2000 (in 2008 and 2014 Colour Haze played headlining shows on the mainstage there...) opened a lot of doors for Colour Haze and soon the group was touring all over Europe and became a driving force in the growing European Stonerrock scene, connecting with bands, promoters and record-shops, mailorders, labels all over the continent and constantly gaining new fans. Hence it was a logic step for Stefan Koglek to become self-employed in 2003 with his own Elektrohasch record-label which became a driving force behind todays European boom of young bands playing classic hard psychedelic or blues rock.
With the first Elektrohasch release – 2003 double album “Los Sounds De Krauts” - Colour Haze expanded the stylistic boundaries of what has been called “Stonerrock” so far in a way critics had to invent a new genre category for Colour Haze's unique musical expression and coined the new term “Heavy Psychedelic”. With the following albums Colour Haze developed their very own style always further, becoming a most influental band on other artists. An invitation to perform a full concert on Germany's world famous “Rockpalast” TV-show (which has been broadcasted several times now) was a logic step.
Anyway it was always Colour Haze very own approach in their action as a band not only to take care for themselves but also to pave the way for others and help to build up a scene which flourishes today in Europe. In this way e.g. Colour Haze became an integrated part of the world wide unique Duna Jam festival and helped to make it the most special and legendary cult event.
In nearly 400 concerts the group gained an ever growing fan-base and today headlines festivals such as Burg Herzberg Festival, Desertfest or Stoned From The Underground while they also play at the biggest European events such as Hellfest in France. On their own club-shows Colour Haze today draw an audience of 500 to 1000 people, no matter where in Europe they perform.
All of this happened aside of the declining music industry and the music business as we had known – with their strong unique music Colour Haze gained a big worldwide fanbase step by step completely independently which in 2016 resulted in a headlining show at Indias very first independent rock festival in Bangalore and the ever getting louder call to finally also play in the US (as well as Southern America and Australia...), results at first in an appearance at the Las Vegas edition of the Psycho California festival in summer.

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