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Colour Haze

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Artnr.: EH 003 - mp3download

Elektrohasch Records EH 003

320 kBit / 44,100 kHz / 16 Bit / Stereo

“…Colour Haze have really hit their stride with this, their 7th album. There’s an aura about it which completely sets it aside from not only the rest of the Colour Haze catalogue but pretty much everything else that’s around right now. Jazz-flecked rock with driving bass riffs and some beautifully modulated guitar-work which periodically flares up into a firestorm of bite, good taste and colourfulness like watching a controlled explosion in a fruit factory.”
“…There's a few bands I know that can handle the achievments of heavy psych as naturally and dexterously as COLOUR HAZE. So be it. Recommended to people with taste!”
“…Germany's Colour Haze are true masters of their form. This comes through in their skillful use of dynamics, top-notch musicianship, and honest-to-god passion that these fellas pour into their music. It is this display of excellent musicianship combined with damn good songwriting that makes this release such a glorious escape.”
“…This album simply blows me away to the point where its almost like a religious experience.”


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