the haze I history    

Colour Haze Born within the years 1968 - 1974 some of the musicians played much in bands before, some less, some lived on making music. Contemporary Record Store Section: Heavy Psychedelic. Colour Haze are a modern Psychedelic (in the words sense) Heavy Rock Three Piece, in the tradition of classic Rock-Trios as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Grand Funk Railroad. Founded sometime in the last century, the current line-up formed in May 1999. Since then some records have been made and a lot of following was gained.


Members  Manfred Merwald Drums I Philipp Rasthofer Bass I Stefan Koglek Guitar, Vocals

Munich, Germany
Record Label
Elektrohasch Records
Marco Menzer
Sound Engineers
Willy Dammeier
Mario Oberpucher
Merch at concerts
Mühle & Gerald
UP IN SMOKE TOUR February 2011 - Berlin, Astra Kuturhaus


Motorpsycho / Hypnos 69 / Led Zeppelin / Jimi Hendrix / Black Sabbath / Kyuss / Moving Targets / Cream / John Entwistle / John Paul Jones / Dad / Trans-Am / The Who / Che / Wes Montgomery / Louis Armstrong / The Beatles / Shuggie Otis / Curtis Mayfield / Frank Zappa / Victims Family / NoMeansNo / King Crimson / Humble Pie / Rolling Stones / CCR / Mudhoney / Monstermagnet / Grand Funk / Calexico / Steve Cropper / Godspeed You Black Emperor / On Trial / RotoR / Mountain / Caspar Brötzmann Massaker / Neurosis / MC 5 / Union Carbide Productions / Traffic / Mark Knopfler / Santana / Ween / The Obsessed

Stefan Koglek Guitar, Vocals
Philipp Rasthofer Bass
Manfred Merwald Drums